VAZA-shch Oval "Musicians" Aida (Aida) Handmade.


Oval vase-bowl "Musicians" HandmadeWidth 32 cm. The height is 18.5 cm.Aida company continues the traditions of the national Czech glass production and belongs to the world's best manufacturers of art glass.The Czech Republic has long been famous for its crystal. Four hundred years ago, the production of glassware originated in Bohemia. At first, the so-called Venetian glass was used for its manufacture, but it did not have sufficient strength. The Czech Republic began to produce real crystal in the XVII century, when they learned to add lead oxide to the glass, which gave a stunning result. Czech crystal has the best transparency and greater strength, which allows craftsmen to make skillful carvings.The history of Aida begins when Jiri Vydra, the ideological inspirer and founder of the firm, founded his own business after the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic in 1989, having worked for more than 20 years at Moser. Aida still remains one of the few companies where highly qualified craftsmen work, who manually create real works of art from crystal. The crystal production process is multi-stage and complex, it involves many craftsmen, each of whom specializes in a separate field - these are glass blowers, engravers, cutters and many others.To get crystal, you need to melt the charge from which crystal is made. The charge is a mixture of sand, potash and lead oxide, just its presence is the main difference between crystal and plain glass.The raw materials are melted in furnaces at a huge temperature of over 1500 degrees Celsius. The molten mass cools down very quickly. To speed up the process, several people are engaged in one product at once. At the furnace, master blowers, typesetters and pressers work. The blowers are armed with special tubes with a rubber pear. A drop of red-hot crystal is taken at one end of the glass blowing tube and the product is blown into a mold with the help of a rubber pear. The master typesetter has a typesetting tube. With its help, he collects the necessary amount of glass from the furnace and brings it to the master presser, who controls the mold.After the product is blown out and the necessary shape is given to it, it enters the annealing furnace. Annealing is designed for a more uniform cooling of the crystal. In the annealing furnace, the temperature decreases from 700 degrees to 40-50 degrees for 1.5 hours.Next, the upper part of the product, where the glass blowing tube was, is cut off in the flame of the gas burner.After that, the product passes the first quality control: are there any large bubbles, stones, curvature of the leg; measure the thickness of the glass layer.Smooth products are decorated with a diamond face. To begin with, the marking is applied to the product, after marking the product is put on the conveyor and goes from master to master. The process of applying a diamond face begins with the largest abrasive wheel, and ends with the smallest. To prevent glass dust from entering the respiratory tract, water is supplied to the abrasive wheels.After application, the diamond face becomes matte. To obtain a transparent face, the product is chemically polished in a mixture of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids. The acid corrodes and polishes the glass. Next, the product is thoroughly washed, and if necessary, the edges are applied, which should remain matte.After that, the engraver starts working. And in the final stage, matte or glossy gold is applied. The result is a unique product, often one of a kind. In the age of machines, it is very rare to find a genuine work of art. But the products of the craftsmen from the Aida factory are distinguished by handmade work, skill and high qualification of artists-engravers. Each object is a unique idea of the creator, expressed in a physical object. All this makes the products that come out under the AIDA brand real works of art that have high artistic value and will retain their material and artistic value for centuries.And thanks to the amazing geometric shapes and amazing design, Aida crystal has won the love of people all over the world.In terms of quality and complexity, Aida crystal is in no way inferior to Moser, but it differs in style. Since all products are made by hand, you can order; individual unique and inimitable vases, cups, bowls, glasses, etc.There are only a few companies left in the world that have retained completely manual crystal production - these are Moser, Aida, Yves Saint Lambert, Lalique. In the collection of AIDA there are unique products with engravings that repeat scenes from paintings by Rubens, Durer, Botticelli. The masters of Aida not only preserve classical forms and designs, but also create new, modern ones.The masters of Aida were commissioned to create works for officials and celebrities, including the President of the United States George W. Bush, His Royal Highness the Earl of Wessex (also known as Prince Edward), and the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver.Only the highest quality products leave the walls of the factory.
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