Jlmenau / Ilmenow /


Jlmenau / Ilmenow /

Porcelain production Jlmenau Graf von Henneberg Porzellan.

The porcelain manufactory of Ilmenau was founded by Count von Henneberg, a representative of an old German family, in the town of Ilmenau (Ilmenau) of German Thuringia (an integral part of Saxony, East Germany).The first samples of ceramic dishes were made in 1777 .

Great Goethe took an active part in the creation of production, who personally model and painted the first samples of products.Gradually, all new factories and manufactories were built in the city, where the famous Henneberg porcelain was produced.By 1900 there were already 43.

So Ilmena turned into an industrial center.The goods were highly quality of the porcelain mass and was not inferior to the best European manufacturers in whiteness.Artistic sketches for the plant in Thuringia were performed by leading Germany artists.The plant’s products were recognized all over the world and a number of gold and silver medals at international exhibitions in Paris and Leipzig.

From 1949 to 1990, the porcelain of Ilmenu was supplied to all the best restaurants of the GDR and was used during government techniques.Porcelain sets, vases, and other unique gizmos produced in Thuringia were very popular in the world and exported to many countries.After the reunification of Germany in 1990, Ilmenau plants were faced with fundamental structural restructuring, most workers were fired.In 2002, the production of Ilmenau Graf von Henneberg Porzellan ceased to exist.