Lladro /Лладро/


Lladro /Лладро/

Founded in 1950 by the Huan, Jose, Jose and Vincent Ljadro, over more than 60 years of his existence, the Lladro brand gained the glory of the innovative leader in the field of porcelain casting.All sculptures are manually produced and do not have competitors in the world in their artistic properties.

Each step in creating a figurine, from a sketch to firing in the Moorish furnace, is performed exclusively by professionals who know their job.The final result of the work done is unique figurines that are distinguished by a variety of topics and ideas - nature, human relations, religion, historical topics.

There are no “screaming” colors characteristic of the classical European tradition.The Lyadro brothers were inspired by the muffled tones of the Winter landscapes of Spain, a reverent, vibrating palette of the picturesque paintings of the Spanish artists of Soroll and Benlere.

These impressions formed the basis of the coloristic sounds of gray, beige-brown colors, an endless paste of pastel shades that perfectly meet the delicacy and purity of porcelain.Artists, designers and sculptors with world names, such as Haime Ayon, Bodo Opline and others, are involved in work on the collections.

Many figures are made by limited series and exist in the world in only a few copies.Lladro works are stored in the collections of the best museums in the world-in the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels, the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenz, and the National Museum of Ceramics in Valencia and others.

During the existence of the company, more than 5,000 items were already invented and released.All figures are produced in a small amount - on average, from 200 to several thousand pieces.Each figure has its own serial number and over the years it becomes more expensive because of the rarity, fragility and its originality.

Juan Liardo, the founder and president of the brand, so commented on the opening of a new boutique: “More than 60 years ago, we began to produce porcelain products in the backyard of our house, and today we have become one of the leading brands of the world, known, first of all, high quality and creative originality of products.The Middle East is a market developing for us, and we are glad to announce our presence here today.In Dubai, who accepts buyers from around the world, we will probably be able to satisfy the aesthetic needs of all connoisseurs of porcelain. ”

As a sign of respect for the history and culture of the Arab world, Lladro presented at the opening ceremony a unique product “Falcon”, which refers us to the traditions of falcon hunting, which will be represented by a limited circulation only in the Middle East.

This masterpiece surprisingly accurately reproduces the habits of a predator, which is called the "king of birds."The company Lladro is convinced that any product of the company is a unique gift for any case that can be gracefully expressed gratitude, admiration, and emphasize the solemnity of the moment.

Angeles Ljarodro, daughter of Juan Lyadro, the eldest of the three brothers of the founders of Lladro, believes that elegant porcelain figures are not only beautiful, but also full of positive energy: “Look how thin, delicate work of these elegant creations.What a calm, natural tonality of colors.So carefully think over each petal, skillfully write out figures for many hours only with love.

Themes for creating figures, scenes and compositions are based on beautiful feelings and emotions: nature, art, literature, music, religion and everyday life, filled with love. "These products will decorate not only at home, but also life, existing in harmony with a person.

Family members of the Lyadro necessarily take part in the creation of collections - discuss and select sketches, take out the main verdict which of the finished works worthy to be presented in boutiques.Today, the network boutiques are open in all major cities of the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and many others.In addition, products are presented in more than 1000 department stores in 120 countries.