Plant A.G.Popova Popov Plant


Plant A.G.Popova Popov Plant

Factory base -1806

Popov Alexey Gavrilovich - /Portrait A.G.Popova is presented in our post/ - the Moscow merchant of the first guild, commerce adviser.In the 1830s.Got the nobility.He was awarded several orders.In 1806, Popov acquired a porcelain factory in the village.Gorbunov Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow province, founded in 1801 by the commissioner of the manufacturer F.F.Gardner K. Mill.He quickly adapted production to market requirements, found his buyers and became one of Gardner's most dangerous competitors.

Popov’s products were distinguished by high quality porcelain, a wide variety of forms and the colorfulness of the painting, and met the tastes of various segments of the population.

Its sets still make up the pride of many museum and private collections.Stay A.G.Popov in the post of mayor coincided with the period of quick recovery of Moscow.The recovery continued after the fire of 1812 of the buildings of the Old Gostiny Dvor and the trade rows.

Popov did a lot to combat the illegal trade of foreigners and foreigners who undermined the trade of Moscow merchants.After serving the mayor’s head, the merchant brought gratitude to Popov for carrying her “with excellent zeal”.Popov was elected several times in attorneys from the first guild of the Moscow merchants, in 1830 he was elected to the Moscow branch of the commercial council, was a deputy from the merchants in the committee on the consideration of income and expenses of the City Duma at the age of 100.

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