New brothers plant


New brothers plant

The plant of the new 1818-1850s brothers.

The plant was founded in 1818 in the village of Kuzyaevo Bogorodsky district of the Moscow province.It belonged to the brothers Ivan, Tikhon and Semyon Stepanovich new.In the early years, the older brother Ivan stood at the head, then they were listed behind Tikhon (1823, 1829, 1832)."In the lists of factories and factories" for 1844 there are two factories - the seeds of Stepanovich New and Avdoty Vasilievna Novy, although they were a husband and wife.

In the 1840s, the institution did not belong long to Mikhail (the son of Semyon Stepanovich), after death - A.V. Nova.Most of the time, the plant was in joint ownership of the brothers.In the mid-1850s, he moved to Yakov Gerasimovich Khrapunov, earlier (1848) to marry the widow of Mikhail Semenovich and who added the surname of his wife to his surname.

Many products have been preserved with the brand of Ivan the New, the Brothers of the New and A. Nova.Occasionally there are brands named Mikhail.The factory of new ones was one of the largest and best in Gelo, released porcelain and faience of good and mediocre quality.Many servic and piece objects are designed in the Empire style, have simple shapes, clear lines of the silhouette: round and oval soup bowls, spherical and rectangular salad bowls, plates with a flat line of the edge and a flat side.

On the porcelain of the brothers of the new ones, the busts of the royal family were often depicted. Faance was decorated mainly by printed drawings with black paint.Especially interesting are the early things of the period of Ivan new with genre children's scenes, type of heads.

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