Shipping and payment

Auctions trading many sellers at the auction.Each of them establishes its own rules for payment and delivery of lots.This information is available on the page with the information about the lot and/or on your profile page.

Be sure to read it before buying the lot.Make sure that you have the opportunity to pay for the lot in the way that the seller indicated.Make sure the lot is delivered to your region.If you have doubts, ask a question to the seller through the form “write to the owner."

If you buy a lot and you can not fulfillPayment conditions, the seller will be forced to put a negative review to you, which in the future can lead to a restriction on the purchase and/or blocking your account at the auction.

If The seller does not prescribe his own rules for payment and delivery of lots, by default The following order are accepted Intections of the transaction partners:

1. the seller was the first gets in touch within 3 days from the date of completion of trading and provides the buyer for details for payment or, in case of payment of cash in a personal meeting, other data necessary for the successful completion of the transaction, and the total amount of the purchase.

2.The buyer goes to communication with the seller and pays for the lot within 3 working days (or During the time specified in the description of the lot, if there is more Long time) after receiving the details.After payment for details The buyer tells the seller the necessary information about the payment, which will allow Unambiguously identify him as a payer.

3.In case of payment of cash, the buyer gets in touch with The seller within 3 working days after receiving data from the seller and agrees with him about a personal meeting.

4.for 7 workers Days after receiving payment for the details of the details the seller sends the buyer the goods in in accordance with the declared characteristics (photography, description), cost lot (goods plus delivery), conditions of departure (packaging, method and term Delivery), reports the buyer the data of the departure (track number for tracking postal items).The seller can set his own deadline for sending the lot that should be clearly indicated in the description of the lot.