Recommendations to customers

To increase safety, as well as to obtain convincing evidence of the fact the seller’s unscrupulous behavior during the transaction is strongly recommended at each stage of Transactions follow the following general rules.

1. Pay attention to correspondence details provided by the seller. In case of doubt, it should not be immediately to find out the relationship with the seller. Service support can confirm that these details are regularly used Seller.

2. Ask the seller to arrange tracking delivery, insure departure, make Inventory inventory.

TREK-NOMENTURENTIONS Sending allows you to quickly Track its location.

Parcel insurance or letters not only protects the nerves, but also wallet. For example, if a valuable load does not reach the addressee, "Russian Post" Unpleasant damage will cover.

Inventory of investment means that it is applied to a valuable cargo Legally significant description of the contents. If it is found that The departure reached the addressee not in full, an employee of the post office will draw up an appropriate act for investigation.

3. Upon receipt of the order by mail or in the transport company, be sure to check Departure for integrity, compliance with the declared weight. With the slightest suspicion or discrepancies in weight, the autopsy should be required departure with the preparation of the relevant act. In this case, is recommended conduct video recording opening of the departure. If, departure has no visible damage and weight discrepancies, we recommend it anyway perform unpacking departure for video recording.

The video should be accompanied by a sound recording, have sufficient shooting quality. Sent the should be a entire shooting frame. The actions during unpacking should not be carried out quickly, smoothly, the recording should not twitch or shake. The recording should not be interrupted. Make sure that the focus of shooting is recorded at departure, and not in the forefront or background. At the beginning of the recording, you should completely demonstrate all sides of the packed departure, mail label or other TC form

When opening the video is carried out directly in the post office (or courier company, etc.), starting from the moment the employee of the mailing officer is transferred to the buyer's hands.

The departure should all the time remain entirely in the frame, objects/things taken out of the departure should also remain in the frame. Do not allow random frames with your hand, scissors, other items.

If questions arise about the quality and/or compliance of the obtained items, then the corresponding items are demonstrated by close -up, you can use the zoom so that deficiencies, defects, damage, and other problem factors are visible.


To obtain high -quality records, we recommend that you make a test recording of the training of departure. After recording, copy it to the computer and carefully view it. Pay attention to how visible the training recording turned out. Make the necessary changes to the recording process, if required.

4. We remind you that non -compliance recommendations can complicate or make it impossible to get convincing evidence of the rightness of the parties contesting the transaction.

In the case of obvious and proven guilt, we can take administrative measures (up to before blocking the guilty account) and try to influence permission conflict. If you notice signs of fraudulent actions, we ask you immediately Contact the support service.

Before you bet, we recommend the following to you:

Consider the photos of the lot and carefully read its description.

Pay attention to all the shortcomings that are visible in the photo or described by the seller in the description of the lot.

Pay attention to the cost of the lot. If price the lot is tempting and significantly below the average cost of such lots or price for the lot is indicated in the description and it differs from the declared value lot, this should alert you. Think and do not rush to bet or buy a lot.

Check out the terms of payment and delivery. Make sure that you have the opportunity to pay for the lot with the ways that the seller indicated. The clearly overstated cost of the delivery of the lot may indicate the unreliability of the seller.

If you have questions or doubts, be sure to ask them to the seller through a special form on the page with the lot “Write to the owner”. If you are satisfied with the goods, delivery and payment conditions, then, and only then, make a bet or buy at a fixed price. If there are doubts - talk with the seller.

We recommend that you show vigilance with remote payment and conduct a dialogue with the seller only through the form of the transaction.