On the conclusion of an agreement on the provision of information services

Read the text of this public offer and, if you do not agree with any point in this offer or do not understand any point of the offer, we suggest that you refuse to use the services.

In the case of the adoption of the conditions of this public offer, you agree with all the conditions of the offer and you understand all its provisions.

Supply (Public Offer)

on the conclusion of an agreement on the provision of information services
This document is an official proposal (public offer) of a limited liability company “Internet-Auction” (subsequently called “executor”) and contains the procedure and all the essential conditions for providing access to opportunities Contractor services, including means of searching, placing and storage of various kinds of information and materials (content), personalization & nbsp; content, & nbsp; purchases & nbsp; etc.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Offer’s acceptance of the Offer is equal to the conclusion of the contract on the conditions set forth in the offer, therefore, the person who makes the acceptance of this public offer by consent with the conditions of the proposal below becomes user and a party to the contract in accordance with the terms of this public offer.

In this sentence, the following terms and definitions have a value below:

Agreement - an agreement on the provision of information services by providing access to & nbsp; Services of the Contractor, including means of searching, placing and storage of various kinds of information and materials (content), personalization & nbsp; content, & nbsp; purchases & nbsp; etc., concluded between the contractor and the user through the acceptance of this public offer.

Parties - performer and user.

The Contractor’s information system (hereinafter referred to as IP) - the information and reference system containing information about goods/services intended for potential buyers/consumers of goods/services. Information about goods/services presented by the Contractor is based on the information provided by users.

Service - the ability to search for information about goods, sellers, familiarization with commodity offers of sellers, the possibility of receiving (including the results of the search) of relevant interests of the user of commodity offers and information, the possibility of information interchange from other users of the service in order to carry out transactions of sale, goods and services.

  1. Offer's item

    1. Contractor offers the user to use his service on the conditions set forth in this agreement.
    2. The contract shall enter into force from the moment of actual use of the service and/or its individual functions (including after passing the registration procedure).
    3. Starting to use any service/its individual functions, or by passing the registration procedure, the user is considered to have accepted the conditions of the offer in full, without any reservations and exceptions. In case of user disagreement with any of the provisions of the offer, the user is not entitled to use the contractor services.
    4. The cost of services is described in the rules of use, which are an integral part of this agreement.
    5. The user pays for paid services for non -cash settlement, using bank cards or electronic payment methods. Contractor and user do not sign acts. The fact of payment confirms the quality of services.
    6. The contract can be changed by the Contractor without any special notification of the User, the new edition of the contract comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Internet on this page
    7. In the event that the Contractor makes any changes to the contract in the manner prescribed by clause 1.6 of the contract with which the user does not agree, he is obliged to terminate the use of the contractor in accordance with this Agreement.
  2. Privacy

    1. The Contractor undertakes to keep secret and not to disclose to third parties the information received from the user during registration, as well as when the User is added and edited by the User of his personal data and details, with the exception of cases where the disclosure of such information is necessary, according to the requirements of the current Russian legislation.
    2. This obligation of the contractor does not apply to:
      - information about the pseudonym of the user or his name (in the absence of a pseudonym);
      - the information entered by the user to the IP in order to transfer it to another or other users of IP. Including, but not limited to information about goods and services sold by the User, text messages, contact details, reviews about other users, comments and other data published in Isa.
    3. The user undertakes not to disclose the third persons information about their password. & nbsp;
    4. The user undertakes to immediately change the password in case of compromising his account.
    5. The user undertakes to keep secret, not to disclose to third parties and not use information about other users who became known to him through the use of IS.
  3. Rights and obligations of the user

    1. The user has the right:
      Place offers to sell or purchase goods and services in IPs;
      CONSTENDING the conditions and make transactions with other users;
      Evaluate and comment on the actions of counterparties by setting reviews; BR> Exchange views with other users on the forum and internal mail, while observing the “use of”
      to remove your goods or services from the sale before the end of the trading in cases provided for by the “use rules”.
    2. The user is obligated:
      comply with the terms of this Agreement and Appendices to the Agreement;
      users - legal entities and individual entrepreneurs also comply with the requirements contained in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 09/27/2007 N 612 "On approval of the rules for the sale of goods in a remote way"; other users of IP;
      When passing the registration procedure (in order to use some of the contractor services, including to purchase goods and put up for the sale of their own) to provide reliable and complete information about yourself on issues proposed in the form of registration and maintain this information in current condition;
      immediately notify the contractor about any case of unauthorized access to the contractor’s services using the user account and/or any violation (suspicions of violation) of the confidentiality of their accounts to the account;
      Timely transfer funds in favor of the contractor to repay the negative balance of his individual electronic account;
      do not publish, do not place ads or not load the contents or information about goods in the inappropriate categories of IP;
      do not violate or bypass any laws, rights of third parties, as well as systems, rules or determination of the status of an account;
      Do not use the services of the Contractor, if there is no right to conclude legally binding contracts (for example, notrsion of 18 years) or after removing from the use of IP, services, applications temporarily or indefinitely;
      do not publish false, inaccurate, misleading, insulting or slanderous information;
      Do not transmit an account to IP (including reviews) to another person. The user can allow storage of a login and password (using cookies) for subsequent automatic authorization;
      Do not distribute or send spam, undisguised or mass messages, “letters of happiness” or proposals to take part in the financial pyramid;
      Do not distribute viruses or other technologies that can harm IP, interests or ownership of IP users;
      do not use robots, universal programs and other automatic means to obtain access to the service of the contractor for any purpose;
      to refrain from any actions leading to excessive or unreasonable loading of the Contractor's infrastructure;
      do not place applications for the sale or purchase of goods and services, the turnover of which is prohibited by applicable law;
      Do not place someone's contact details in any public area, including, phone, email address, other communication methods;
      to provide the contractor on a free basis with the right to use and dispose of any information placed by users in the IP and does not fall under the validity of the Privistence Regulations (Article 2) of this Agreement;
      do not use programs, as well as other automatic devices or processes operated by a person, designed to track or copy data from IC, without preliminary written permission of the Contractor;
      Do not collect data on IC users without their consent;
      Do not bypass the technical measures taken by the Contractor for the provision of services.

    Rights and obligations of the Contractor

    Contractor has the right:
    to establish restrictions on the use of services for all users, or for certain categories or individual users at their discretion without explaining the causes of the established restriction;
    At your discretion, introduce, cancel or change the fee for the services provided by the Contractor, notifying the user at least 7 days before the changes come into force;
    Moderate (including delete) any user information, including offers for sale and purchase applications, if it contradicts this Agreement, the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as in other cases