Tips to the seller

to increase safety, as well as to obtain convincing evidence of the fact of the customer’s unfair behavior during the transaction, at each stage of the transaction, follow the following general rules.

1. Methods of payment and delivery should be convenient for you and available to customers, use the most popular payment options. Offer departure insurance, make an inventory of departure.

Pay attention to the quality of the packaging, especially fragile lots, discussing the insurance, packaging and the “glass” sticker with the buyer.

Useful information from the Russian Post:

Requirements for the contents and packaging of departments
List of items prohibited for shipment
2. providing to the buyer details for payment, do not send secret codes bank cards and passport photos.

3. Check the receipt of funds to your account before the goods are sent. Pay attention to the compliance of the amounts of transfers. If the buyer pays the order in several transfers and/or the amount of transfer/transfers does not correspond to the one indicated by the seller, then you should contact the joint venture for the buyer's check. Since such moments are characteristic of fraudulent schemes. In case of refusal of the goods, it is necessary to return the money in the name of the sender or on the same account from which the payment was made.
4. If the collection material of a large cost is sold, make in advance Additional multicurrent photographs of the subject/thing that will be sent. Photograph ready -made packed departments from all sides. Keep photos, mail checks and invoices of the TK until the successful completion of the transaction. This can help the buyer when searching for departure in post offices, also photos can be compared with a photo and video of the buyer in controversial situations. If you wish, you can make a video recording of sending off.

5. We remind you that non -compliance with recommendations can complicate or make it impossible to obtain convincing evidence of the correctness of the parties contesting the transaction.

In the case of obvious and proven guilt, we can take administrative measures (up to blocking the guilty account) and try to influence the conflict resolution.
If you notice signs of fraudulent actions, we ask you to immediately contact the support service.