Forbidden goods and services

the placement of some goods and services is prohibited by law Russian Federation.

an attempt to get around prohibitions and restrictions at advertising placement is recognized as an unscrupulous placement method information and entails a deviation of the placed materials and Blocking an account without Explanations of the causes.

Explosives and materials, explosion means

Weapons, ammunition, poisonous and poisonous substances, cold weapons, the turnover of which is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation

Extremist and offensive materials, materials demonstrating violence and cruelty

goods that promote racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity

State, combat awards of the Russian Federation, RSFSR, USSR, as well as commemorative medals and signs

copies, replicas of official documents, stamps, seals, forms, certificates, signs, passes, permits, certificates, travel documents and licenses, as well as other documents granting rights or exempting from rights, except for documents for collecting with clearly indicated expired and/or mark on invalidity/cancellation

objects on which there are Nazi paraphernalia or symbolism (including the image of the swastika)

campaign materials, voting ballots and other goods and services related to the sale of political rights

CHIPHOVENTENCE, technical means designed to listen and other unspoken receipt of information, as well as related documents

ethyl alcohol and any alcohol products

tobacco, tobacco products, tobacco products, smoking supplies (with the exception of lighters and ashtrays), including hookahs, cigarette paper, electronic cigarettes and consumables for them

Drugs, dietary supplements, poisons, drugs and psychotropic substances, drug production means

Medical equipment and other medical devices

Medical and cosmetological services

Medicinal raw materials obtained from the northern reindeer husbandry (for example, Marala Panta, Pantorin)

The organs and tissues of humans and animals, blood and other biomaterials, as well as donor services

animals, birds, fish, plants and other organisms that have died out or listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, red books of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation or protected by international treaties, their parts and derivatives (stuffeds, skins, bone trophies, etc.) , any goods from them (clothing, accessories, interior items, food products, etc.)

goods and services that can be used for poaching and other illegal capture of animals, birds or fish (for example, electric boots, fishing networks, traps, animal appropriation services); Any goods obtained as a result of such activities

financial services, assistance in receiving them and financial mediation

proposals for participation in financial or commodity pyramids or on dubious ways of receiving income or goods, as well as related training

Foreign currency and other currency values, coins and banknotes in circulation, with the exception of their purchase and sale for numismatic purposes

Cryptocurrencies and services related to their turnover, including training

Securities, with the exception of securities for collecting purposes with a clearly indicated expired validity or mark on invalidity/cancellation/repayment

Fake banknotes and fake mail signs

Precious and rare earth metals, precious stones, as well as waste containing precious and rare earth metals and precious stones

Intimate/erotic/sexual services, search and offer of work in this area, erotic/pornographic materials

products that illegally use brand trademarks or imitate the appearance of original goods (for example, replicas/fakes of designer clothing or accessories, phones)

items and materials, the sale of which violates copyright and/or related rights of third parties, pirate products (for example, copies of books, films or musical works, their fragments)

Digital devices with illegally replaced software or with impaired work of technical protection funds established by the copyright holder (for example, smartphones, tablets or navigators with firmware)

Services for the replacement of licensed software or violation of the work established by the copyright holder of technical protection of digital equipment (for example, firmware, unlock, jailbreak)

Testers and other promotional products not intended for sale

Products/property that is in the use of the seller without legal grounds (including stolen products/property), property, which is the subject of trial

Personal documents and plastic cards (including. representing payment tools, electronic means of payment) containing personal data of the owner

Contact or accounting data, including phone numbers, email addresses, messengers, social networks, blogs and forums, games and other services (for example, Skype, Steam, ITUNES, Google Play)

SIM cards and connecting services to mobile operators

Real estate with a ban (restriction) for registration actions; Property under arrest

databases containing personal data; goods and services that can contribute to an unauthorized newsletter

Any materials containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed for violation, destruction or limiting the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment, programs for unauthorized access

goods and services without registration, certification, licenses or permits, when their passage or receipt is necessarily

Objects of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation, as well as archaeological heritage objects determined in accordance with the Federal Law “On Cultural Heritage City Law (History and Culture Monuments) of the Peoples of the Russian Federation” dated 25.06.2002 N 73-ФЗ

Any other goods whose sale is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, including Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 02.22.1992 N 179 "On types of products (works, services) and production waste, the free sale of which is prohibited"