Basic auction rules

All visitors to the online auction have the opportunity to view the offers/announcements of registered users free of charge on the sale of goods (or “lots”), search for relevant offers/ads, monitor the progress of trading in relation to the sale of lots.

registered users

For each registered user (hereinafter also the “User”), when registering, a personal section called “Profile” (hereinafter also the “Account”) is opened on the site). Through this section, the user has the opportunity to use all the services of the auction. The user has the opportunity to create a “nickname” - a name under which other users will see it.


the buyer is considered a registered user who is involved in the auction (auction) in order to purchase goods.

In order to take part in the auction,

the buyer needs:

1) click on the “bet” button on the page with a description of the goods;

2) indicate the amount that he is ready to pay for this lot (bet). The winner of the auction is the buyer whose rate during the trading is the greatest.

All clarifying questions about the lot, delivery, payment, etc. It is necessary to ask in the form of discussion of the lot before the rate or purchase. It is forbidden to transmit contact information through the site forums or otherwise try to buy a procedure established by the auction. If such actions are found, the auction reserves the right to temporarily or indefinitely block the corresponding account at its own discretion.

The sales conditions described in the lot are an integral part of the offer to sell the corresponding goods. The buyer who has not got acquainted with them is not exempted from their compliance and is not entitled to change them after the transaction.

Having bet and won the auction, the buyer agrees to redeem the lot at the price proposed by him.

All Internet auction services are free.

The auction is not responsible for the actions of customers and the reliability of the information provided by them or the auction of information.

Setting a lot for sale

The seller is considered a registered user who put up goods (s) for sale. When putting up goods for sale, the seller agrees to comply with the following rules:

  1. Lots should be exhibited in the proper category. Only in the absence of sellers corresponding to the product corresponding to the product, the sellers have the right to place lots in the “Miscellaneous” category.
  2. The description of the lot should clearly indicate which product or service, in what quantity/assortment and what quality the buyer will receive. It is necessary to attach photographs of the lot that reflects its condition as much as possible and, if any, all available shortcomings.
  3. The actual location of the goods, and not the location of the seller, should indicate in the line “Lot location”.
  4. In the description of the lot and/or it is forbidden to indicate contact, payment information, as well as links to competing sites and third-party resources or other data that can help selling lots outside the auction.
  5. It is forbidden to include information about draws, competitions, lotteries, prizes and any other similar information in the descriptions of lots.
  6. It is forbidden to indicate in the description of the lot the cost of the lot, different from the specified price.
  7. It is forbidden to indicate in the description of the lot of the proposal to sell the lot in parts or per unit of measurement, exchange, sale of additional goods or the provision of additional services, the cost of which was not included in the price of the lot.
  8. It is forbidden to indicate in the description of the auction lot the need for the buyer to clarify its availability. The auction form of sale suggests that the lot is available and is not put up simultaneously for sale on another site.
  9. It is forbidden to establish a deliberately disproportionate cost of delivery of goods. The proportionate cost of delivery refers to the average cost of delivery of similar goods put at an auction at the time of the moderation of the lot.
  10. It is forbidden to simultaneously put a lot for sale (the same subject or service) twice or more times in the same or different categories.
  11. It is forbidden to put up objects for sale, the trading of which violates the current legislation of the Russian Federation. list of prohibited goods and services.
  12. During the trading, it is forbidden to use “acceleration of auction”, that is, to increase the rates at the auction through dummy participants, bots or other accounts of the seller himself.

For violation of the above rules, announcements of placement of lots are subject to forced editing or removal by auction. In addition, the violator’s account can be temporarily or (for repeated violation) is indefinitely blocked.

ACC Ion has the right to demand additional photos and/or videos confirming the fact of owning a seller with a specific lot. In case of reasonable doubts about the seller’s conscientiousness, suspicious lots will be removed from the auction.

from the seller not charges a fee for putting goods for sale. If the auction has ended successfully, the seller undertakes to sell the goods at a set price.

After placing the lot on the auction, the lot is checking the auction (moderation).

The dedicated lot - such lots are always demonstrated & nbsp; In a special list of lots to the corresponding request of the visitor. Thus, the lot with the status of the allocated lot receives the greatest chances to be noticed by the potential buyer, which increases the chances of its purchase.

The auction is not responsible for the actions of sellers and the reliability of the information provided by them or the information to the auction.


During the trading session (trading -the time from the start of placing the lot, to the end), the rate can be made only once. If the auction is continued, by decision of the seller, the rate can be made again. That is, one trading session is one bet.

The minimum rate is determined at the maximum previous price and the size of a bid step (the value established by auction). The rate cannot be less than the current rate or price if there were no bets. The maximum rate of the rate cannot be 2 times larger than the current rate of the rate.

Example: Lot has price 2000, the auction step is 100. You can take any rate in the range from 2100 up to 4000, that is, 2300, 2500, 3900

If the auction did not lead to the desired result

If the seller’s trading results were not satisfied, he puts a lot for a new time period. The rates made the previous time can be canceled and the auction occurs again.


After the trading is completed, that is, when the buyer was found, the seller and the buyer gain access to the exchange of information about the transaction and to the form of the transaction, in the message exchange system to complete the transaction.

If the seller does not prescribe his own rules for payment and delivery of lots, the following procedure for the interaction of partners in the transaction is accepted by default:

  1. The seller is the first to communicate from the moment the auction is completed and provides the buyer for the details for payment or, in case of payment of cash at a personal meeting, other data necessary for the successful completion of the transaction, and the total purchase amount.
  2. The buyer gets in touch with the seller and pays the lot within 3 business days (or within the time specified in the description of the lot, if there is a longer period) after receiving the details. After payment on the details, the buyer tells the seller the necessary information about the payment, which will uniquely identify him as a payer.
  3. Within 7 working days after receiving payment for the details provided by the details, the seller sends the goods to the buyer in accordance with the declared characteristics (photographs, description), the cost of the lot (goods plus delivery), the conditions of departure (packaging, method and delivery time ), tells the buyer the data of the departure (track number for tracking mail). The seller can set his own deadline for sending the lot, which should be clearly indicated in the description of the lot.

The transaction is considered a consistent if the buyer paid the indicated price for the lot, and the seller received funds and sent the purchase to the specified address or transferred the lot at a personal meeting.

The transaction is considered failed if one of the parties has not fulfilled its obligations.

The buyer and the seller have the opportunity to report on the status of the transaction (took place or not) through the form about the status of the lot.

If the transaction did not take place, the seller must state the reason in detail.

In the course of communication, the use of obscene vocabulary and derogatory statements is prohibited. (Note: there are many expressions that are not obscene, but unacceptable in communication).

Attention! Buyers also have the opportunity to inform the auction on the state of the transaction. Cases of discrepancy between the opinions of the buyer and the seller about the success of the transaction are considered by the auction in private. In case of detecting unscrupulous behavior by the seller, sanctions will be applied to blocking the opportunity to put goods for sale and/or access to the site.