How to add an article to a lot

Buyers are interested in getting maximum information about the product before making a purchase decision.

Adding an article to the description of the lot helps them to get a more complete picture of the product, its history and value. As a result, it can increase the probability of a successful sale and meet the needs and expectations of buyers.

How it happens on

Adding an article

Log in to your Personal Account , in the "My Lots" section at the bottom right, there is a button "Your articles"

Click and you will be taken to the add section

Fill in , necessary information

Save it . A newly added article appears in the same section

You need to wait until the moderators approve your article.

To attach an article to the lot

You can see if the article has been added in the description of your lot, in the picture above

In the pop-up window, select your article, or several (maximum possible 4) , select it using the CTRL key on the keyboard and click save.

The unit with the icon indicates how many articles are attached to the lot.

How to become attached to a lot

Also, next to the selected lot, click on the icon and in the pop-up window

while holding down the CTRL key, you do not record active and save the record