Hutschenreenexer / Hutchenter /


Hutschenreenexer / Hutchenter /

Hutschenreuther is one of the most popular and well -known brands for the production of porcelain products, including figurines.The beginning of history transfers us to a factory in the city of Wallandorf, where Karl Mongsta Khutchenroiter (1794 - 1845) worked as an artist in painting porcelain.After a while, in 1814, he moves to the city of Hoenberg, where he found his manufactory.

At first, his factory was painted with the finished porcelain due to the restrictions on the state monopoly, which forbade small firms to produce porcelain so as not to compete with state plants.Many years later, Karl was allowed to engage in its own porcelain products, and its company began to grow very quickly and gained recognition throughout Western Europe.After the death of Karl, his sons continued his business.

One of the sons of Karl, Lorenz Khutchenroiter in 1857, founded his own production in the Bavarian city of Zelb.In the first pairs, only simple consumer porcelain was produced.Since 1902, production has passed into the status of a joint -stock company.In 1906, the Factory of Yager and Werner was bought, and in 1917 the factory of P. Muller.

After 10 years in 1927 - factories in Tirschenreuth and Bausher brothers in Weiden.At the same time, the factory founded by his father also became a joint -stock company and absorbed the factory in Altrohlau in 1909, in 1918 the K. Auverg factory in Arzburg).

In 1969, the factory merged and the Hutschenreuther AG brand was born, which has existed to this day, but since 2000 it belongs to the Rosenthal Corporation.

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