Count Garrah


Count Garrah

The German by origin of Count Ferdinand Garrah was noted in the history of the porcelain of the Russian Empire by introducing high-quality European porcelain into Russia or ordering porcelain underwear from local manufacturers such as M.S.Kuznetsova, subsequently engaged in the painting of products and applying its personal stigma.

Sometimes the products did not brand.Also, Count Garrah owned glass and porcelain production in the Czech Republic.

Count Garrah’s trading houses for the sale of crystal and porcelain products were located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.Comte Harrach Personal emblem of Count Garrah. Count Garrah produced porcelain items together with manufacturers of France and Poland, as a result of which several brands were placed on porcelain products at the same time.

So during the collaboration of Count Garrah with a widely known Polish porcelain factory, very interesting porcelain and tea sets were produced, which were characterized by luxury and highly artistic decor with gilding abundance.The products were distinguished by the relief of the porcelain surface.

Count Garrah’s products distinguished its own decor, the bright peculiar beauty of manual painting or a neckline in accordance with the European taste of that time, similar to the decor of famous brands of European porcelain such as Limogen. COMTE Harrach ST porcelain brands.Petersburg or Comte Harrach Moscou is quite rare for the antique world of modern Russia.Under this brand there are very outstanding products with manual painting precisely from porcelain, which are desirable for most collectors and lovers of antiques due to their high quality and memorable decor.